Barometric pressure and local wind

The barometer pressure on the South and East coast is typically high in summer, above 1015 Hpb but low pressures do break through the ice cap’s defences and hit the coast on their way north with the Gulf stream.

While the weather is generally stable in summer, with mirror flat waters, you need to keep an eye on the big H. If it shifts further north or west, low pressure systems are likely closer to the coast. The lows will otherwise travel up the east coast, outside your concern, following the Gulf stream to Iceland, Norway and Svalbard.

Strong Foehn winds can occur on the South Coast, sometimes recognised by a sudden rise in temperature and you’ll be well advised to head for shore.

Fjord winds” occur in larger fjords on sunny days, particularly if there are mountains at the back of the fjord rather than the ice shield or glaciers.

Piteraqs in or south of the Ammassalik area are not generally a concern in the summer months, more typical in April and May.

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