Accommodation and Travel in South Greenland

Your cheapest option is Air Iceland from Reykjavik to Narsarssuaq, 4 flights a week in summer 2010.

They also fly several times a week between Reykjavik and; Kulusuk, Scoresbysund, Illulisat and Nuuk. Air Iceland also has a cargo service to Greenland.

You need to transfer from Iceland's international airport in Keflavik (KEF) to Iceland's domestic airport in Reykjavik (REK). The transfer is easy and takes 45 minutes. With around 30 daily departures between Iceland and Northern Europe plus the USA/Canada, and up to daily departures to Greenland, this is your best option.

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The other but expensive option is the state run Air Greenland from Copenhagen, Denmark to Narsarssuaq and Kangerlussuaq in South and West Greenland. You need to overnight on both legs in Copenhagen, DK. Air Greenland, in the best traditions of state monopolies, are not known for low fares or service minded approach.

Air Greenland opens a new summer route in 2010 between Greenland and Iceland (once a week Nuuk - UAQ - REK, once a week UAQ - Nuuk - REK). This way, you do not need to transfer to Reykjavik as per the Air Iceland flights and the regular fares are similar.

View Air Greenland's international routes in a larger map

Air Greenland also runs a partly subsidized domestic network covering all main towns using either fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

Your other transport options are:

Locally by boat are several options, including Blue Ice and Nanortalik Tourist Services from Narsarssuaq to and between other South Greenland destinations.

By passenger ship from Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk by Arctic Umiaq Line, spring thru autumn.

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Several options, including farm accommodations (with boat pick up available if near the airport), Narsarssuaq and Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid) guesthouses and hostels, homestay, guesthouses and hotels in Qaqortoq, Narsaq, Nanortalik and several of the smaller towns – see here for all options.

Camping is unrestricted outside towns.

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