Freight in and out

First rule: Freight to Greenland is expensive.

Second rule: Freight can take months, send your equipment well in advance.

Third rule: There is no VAT in Greenland. There is a small duty on meat, sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate – but if your freight carries Danish or Icelandic papers, there is a good possibility it will not be checked. US/CA papers will get checked.

By sea:
Sea freight arrives through the state monopoly shipping line Royal Arctic Line, from Denmark – or via Eimskip in Iceland for a wider network of harbours, including the US/CA East Cost. Either way, it will be delivered through RAL, after all, they are an official monopoly shipping line.

Expect 3-4 months. Minimum, with the taxi meter running.

There are no ships to East Greenland between early October to early July.

By air:
Air Iceland flies to Kulusuk and Scoresbysund all year round, but services South Greenland only in summer. They are very used to dealing with freight to Greenland, but don’t set the freight costs – Greenland does, so don’t take it out on them.

Air Greenland (only via Copenhagen) also takes freight but you’re better buying a seat and deliver it yourself.

If you are taking supplies with you through Iceland, be aware that imports of food to Iceland is restricted, check first, buy it either in Iceland or Greenland – or send it ahead.

There is no competition for freight from Denmark – it arrives either with the state airline or the state shipping line – you should just make sure you send your stuff very early, don’t expect competitive rates or service. You'll pay storage fees if they hold it longer than 30 days.

A kayak shipped from Aalborg, Denmark to South Greenland will set you back roughly USD 200-300. Make sure it's labelled "kayak" as they sometimes have lower fees.

Via Denmark -
Rest of the world via Iceland -
(Air Iceland and Icelandair is the same company, domestic and international)

By sea to Iceland -

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