Local names and modern spelling

Generally new maps and books use New Greenlandic simplified spelling, but there are more than one way of naming and spelling, so don’t be confused. I use the new Greenlandic spelling, or the most common name on recent maps, such as Eirik’s fjord instead of the later danish name Skovfjord. Maps will often show the older version in brackets.

There can also be a difference if the East Coast map/chart is spelled in the Central West Coast dialect - example: Isertoq (East Coast) vs Isortoq (West Coast).

Books and maps often use the old Greenlandic spelling such as Angmagssalik (old) vs Ammassalik (new), Danish colonial names (not used anymore) such as Julianehab for Qaqortoq or the old Icelandic name such as Isafjord for Nordre Sermilik fjord.

If you are interested in old kayak literature or specific terms in Greenlandic, GREENLAND KAYAKS assembled a list of new and old Greenlandic kayak terms in west and east dialects... see here.

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