Greenland's steep sided, ice filled fjords, ancient inuit culture and a coastline as long as  the earth's equator - is the birthplace of the sea kayak. No kayak has ever been built that surpasses the native kayak and no-one has ever shown better skill than the local hunter.

scouting the route ahead

This dream like destination of endless kayaking opportunities is now more accessible, with better access to information and rental kayaks are becoming available in main areas.

The guide focuses on two regions of Greenland, the South and the South-East Coast (south of Sermiligaq village), areas of incredible beauty, sparsely populated, little visited and characteristic of all things Greenlandic - and after some 30-40 expeditions here, I now live in South Greenland.

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My aim with this guide is to encourage paddlers from around the world to visit Greenland. It is written to be used with travel and nature field guides and with resources on the Internet. Use it to prepare your trip or to dream of a future expedition at this Shangri la of paddling.

Please feel free to comment or suggest improvements!

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Fat Paddler said...

Greenland... I think every paddler dreams of kayaking there, certainly I do! Will watch this site from now on to help the dream. Cheers - FP

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