Polar bears eat cute little baby seals

31 polar bear in the area today... not a good time to paddle round here...

The reason has possibly to do with the unusually high number of cute, big eyed, white furred seal pups which are now calved in our area... lots of them about on the floes outside. I wonder what the ice was like in Hudson Bay this winter?

It is not allowed to hunt pups in Greenland, until the white coat is dropped. Perhaps they found out and are now moving in here, away from the club wielding Canadians (to the mouth of our polar bears).

See here for some interesting polar bear shots from 2008 in South Greenland.

This is today's ice chart, you'll see a thick tongue forming to the west of Cape Farewell -
(The towns of South Greenland are inside the ice to the west of the cape)

compared with the 5th April -

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